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    Although there are a greater number of diseases that are classed as 'incurable', many are actually being treated in certain ways. However, since progressive neuromuscular diseases, such as myopathy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and spinal muscular atrophy are incurable, people have preconceptions about these diseases and therefore do not seek treatment.

In case of incurable cancer, patients can receive surgery, when and if possible. After undergoing an operation, people receive anti-cancer treatment and radiation treatment, but if the patient continuously develops cancer, they are provided with palliative care that include pain relief treatments.

Also, patients receive hospice care until the very last minute. People believe this is a typical bedside manner toward patients.

However, this is applied to a limited extent for patients who suffer from progressive neuromuscular diseases.

It is an undeniable truth that these patients are treated negligently compared to cancer patients who are consistently treated by medical teams seeking to improve the quality of the patients' life.

Patients with rare incurable diseases are also in need of more attention and better treatments, but such is not the case in reality.

Among various symptoms, a respiratory difficulty, a fundamental issue in the course of progressive neuromuscular diseases, causes pain and destroys the quality of a patients' life. In many cases, the weakening of respiratory muscles is found along with these diseases.

Just like individuals with withered arms and legs make good use of a walker, wheelchair, etc., symptoms of breathing disorders caused by weak respiratory muscles can be alleviated through supplementing the muscles via the use of a ventilator in an appropriate manner at the right time. A change in mindset is urgently needed for a ventilator to be considered as one of medical aids that eases the patients' discomfort rather than a device that reminds patients of a severe situation such as a vegetative state, euthanasia, etc.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is one of many medical fields providing a variety of treatments to alleviate respiratory difficulties through the use of a ventilator. The Korean Breath Easy Club was established in July 2011 in an effort to continuously develop and research pulmonary rehabilitation and provide a systematic treatment to people through the propagation of appropriate treatment for breathing disorders by training professional human resources. In addition to this, the research association will provide patients with medical information and consultation through the medical team of the pulmonary rehabilitation center, Gangnam Severance Hospital.

This space was prepared by the Korean Breath Easy Club to provide information associated with pulmonary rehabilitation to patients suffering from breathing difficulties. I hope that this assists patients in order to manage their disorders as it provides essential information and allows the patients to exchange such.